Please call us at 078997 66772, between 8am-8pm, to make an appointment for Dr. Suneela Nayak (Pediatrician) or for Dr. Harish Nayak (Ophthalmologist)

Changes in Clinic Procedure Due to COVID 19

  • Patients are seen only by prior appointment
  • Please come on time so that we can maintain proper distancing and sanitising between pateints.
  • Mask covering *the nose and mouth *should be worn at all times
  • No more than two persons to accompany children
  • Adults are requested to attend on their own if possible.
  • If anyone at home or who is a contact is unwell please inform ahead so that pateints can be seen at the right place and time.
  • Video consultation is also available for both doctors which may be a good alternative for some patients